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Penguin Storytime

Penguins are a fun theme for the winter. Make sure to practice your waddle!

Opening Song
Wiggle Song
Literacy Activity: Letter P
See for more information.
Sign Language:  Penguin, Fish. See Baby Sign Language.

Book: Little Penguin by Jonathan London

Song: Do the Penguin by Hot Hot Hot Dance Songs (Sesame Street)

Activity: Penguin Waddle Give each child a small ball or plastic egg. Have them place it between their knees. Have them walk back and forth. It is fun to waddle around like a penguin.

Book: Penguins by Liz Pichon

 Feltboard: Six Little Penguins. Place the penguins on the feltboard to start.

Their suits are black and their vests are white.
They waddle to the left and they waddle to the right.

They stand on the ice and they look very neat,
As they waddle along on their little flat feet.

Six little penguins off an iceberg did dive,
One bumped his beak, then there were five.

Five little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale, then there were four.

Four little penguins spun around, whee-ee!
One spun off, then there were three!

Three little penguins, with nothing to do,
One went fishing, then there were two.

Two little penguins, having lots of fun,
One fell off, then there was one.

One little penguin, when the day was done,
Went home to sleep, then there were none.

Wiggles 2: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Traditional rhyme.

Book: I am Small by Emma Dodd

Fingerplay: Two Little Penguins
Two little penguins sitting on the ice (hold up two fingers)
One bows once, the other bows twice (made index fingers bow)
Waddle little penguins. Waddle away. (put fingers behind back)
Come back penguins. Time to play! (bring fingers to the front)

Craft: Heart Penguin. The children made penguins out of shapes, mostly hearts. The shapes were cut with the Silhouette machine.


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