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Literacy Activities

Letter of the Day

Each week we have a letter of the day. I do my storytime with toddlers, but I think toddlers can start to learn their letters to get a head start on reading.

Each child gets a letter (cut with Ellison dies). I always hand out the letters right side up to the child to make sure they see it correctly

We talk about what letter it is and the kids hold up the letters and we sing our song: (Tune: Do You Know the Muffin Man?)

Oh, have you seen the letter B
The letter B, the letter B?
Oh, have you seen the letter B?
It makes the sound b-b-b?

Oh, yes I’ve seen the letter B
The letter B, the letter B
Oh, yes I’ve seen the letter B
It makes the sound b-b-b.

Up on the board I have pictures with words that start with the letter and the word printed on the bottom. As much as I can I use photos so the kids can compare it to things they see in real life.

*We talk about the picture and the word.
*If the word starts with correct letter, the kids hold their letter up in the air.
*If the word does NOT start with the correct letter, the kids put their letters down on their lap.
This can go as long or as short as you want, but I did about 4-5 words, really emphasizing the starting letter sounds. Often the kids bring their letters up to the front to match the letter to the first letter of the word.

I have been so excited about this literacy activity because the toddlers are really getting excited about it. They love holding their letters and bringing them up to match to the pictures. They are also learning new words (Z for zucchini).

Based on Mail carrier letter game from Reading Rockstars storytime for beginning readers.

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