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Smile and Do Something Nice Day

This month we celebrated Smile and Do Something Nice Day (October 5). Description of program: Sometimes it just takes a smile to make people happy but it we can do more.  Come to the library for stories about kids who made a difference and see how you can too.  At the end, we will make a sweet craft to share with a friend!


Billy Bloo is Stuck in Glue by Jennifer Hamburg- Lots of characters come to help Billy and get stuck themselves.

Superbuns: Kindness is Her Superpower by Diane Kredensor- Superbuns’ brother doesn’t think kindness is a superpower until he needs a little kindness himself.

I’m Good At Helping by Eileen Day- Non-fiction about helping


Happy Emoji Musical Chairs-  Pictures of 5 emojis (4 of each) were spread over the floor.  The children moved around and danced to happy songs until the music stopped.  We called out an emoji t and they had to step on the correct emoji.  Poo (disappointment) was included because things don’t always go well, but we can be happy again.

Birthday boxes for charity– Children assembled Birthday Boxes following a list.  The contents include: frosting, cake mix, candles, tiara, plates, napkin, birthday banner and cards. The boxes are donated to the Bloomingdale Township food pantry where they will be handed out when a family comes in and has a birthday that week.

Friends Snack Mix- this was based on a Thanksgiving Snack Mix.  The children filled a bag with different items with meanings attached.  They are encouraged to give their snack mix to a friend.  A card was attached with the meanings.

The children had a lot of fun making the boxes and coloring cards for the birthday boxes. They also enjoyed the snack after we made the Friend’s snack mix!

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