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Playing with STEM: Air

Hi Everyone! I just started a new program called Playing with STEM. It is a STEM program for 3-5 year olds. It is primarily play, because at that age, I just want to make science, technology, engineering and math fun!

This month we learned about Air. There were stations all around the room that the kids would visit with their parents. Each station had a sign to give some instructions and a fun fact. Here are the stations we had this month:

Balloon Powered Car
I downloaded a 3D printed car from Thingiverse and printed three copies on our 3D printer. These cars can also be purchased or made from recycled items.

The children raced the cars down the table using air as its power source.
Link to car we used.

The children investigated the wind using a fan for the wind, and various items like pinwheels, flags and streamers to move around in the wind.

Air Rockets
The children used tiny foam rockets launched by small bulbs to watch another way air has power. Hanging from the ceiling were planets to encourage the kids to launch the rockets up high instead at each other.

Bubble Snakes
The children made bubble snakes. The bubble blower was made from a recycled water bottle, sheer fabric and a rubber band. We placed towels on the table to enable us to do this indoors.

Gassy Balloons
The children compared balloons with Helium and balloons with air. There was labeled balloons with each, then two mystery balloons they had to figure out for themselves.

The sign for the Helium/Air Station

Blow Painting
The children used a straw and watercolors to make a fun air powered painting!

The children used a straw to power sailboats on a tub of water. The sailboats were made from corks, rubber bands, skewers and duct tape.

We had a lower turnout for this program but the ones who attended learned a lot and had a lot of fun!


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