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Shapes Storytime

Practice shapes in this storytime.

Opening Song
Wiggle Song
Literacy Activity: Letter T
See for more information.

Book: Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Some mice use shapes to build to hide from a cat.

Song: Many Shapes by Anna Banana Band

Book: Shape by Shape by Suse MacDonald

Build a dinosaur while learning shapes in this cut out book.

Felt Board: Little Bird Playing Hide and Seek

In this version of Little Mouse, Little Mouse, the children look for a little bird under shapes. Rectangles and squares as well as ovals and circles help with learning similar shapes. It is also helpful to make the shapes in different colors so it can be for color identification. Lay out the shapes then hide the bird underneath one shape. When resetting, make sure to turn the board around so children can’t see where the bird is hidden. Chant the poem below with your choice of shape or take suggestions from the children. Take the shape off to reveal if the bird is there. Continue until the bird is found.

“Little bird, little bird, playing hide and seek. Are you under the (shape)?  Let’s take a peek.”

Book: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

The square like being perfect until he learns how much better it is to be creative.

Active Song: Draw a Circle, Draw a Square (Tune: Oh My Darling Clementine)

This song is a great active song and good for writing practice.

Draw a circle, draw a circle, draw it in the sky (draw a large circle in the air)
Use your finger, use your finger, make it as round as pie
Draw a square, draw a square, make lines so straight (draw a large square in the air)
Use your hand, use your hand, draw one or draw eight
Draw a triangle, draw a triangle, always start at the top (draw a large triangle in the air)
Make a tent, make a tent, use three lines and then stop!

From Storytime Bandit

Closing Song

Craft: Shape Duck We cut different size circles and half circles using our die cut machine and triangles using out Silhouette machine.


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